NEXCOM’s intelligent traffic solution is equipped with a high-performance fanless computer platform with great graphic performance, wireless-ready features with Wi-Fi module or GSM 3G/ 3.5G wireless module, and rich peripherals for field device and sensor connections. NECOM NISE Series fanless computer is ideal for traffic systems, such as school buses, train station control and access control, and image processing system, such as e-police, traffic light control and automatic optical inspection.

Perfect for Imaging Processing Systems & Ready to Go Wireless Connectivity

The NISE high performance series, NISE3xxx, is ideal for graphic-intensive graphic applications which require performance and/or high computing power. For example, imaging processing systems, automatic optical inspection, digital signage, surveillance, etc.

Integrated with diverse visual device interfaces, NISE 3140 series and NISE 3500 series can be used in conjunction with a medical microscope via USB ports. Gigabit LAN can be linked with high resolution camera for long-distance demand requirements, and PoE camera can be utilized to save installation and maintenance costs. By utilizing the high computing power, it can readily handle and analyze the complicated data, which is generated from a pattern-matching system. Complicated analysis and imaging checking are not only required in the medical research market, but also can be found in pharmaceutical, food, beverage and even IC marking inspection applications.

The NISE power-efficient series, NISE2xxx, is targeted at wireless applications in harsh environments. NISE2xxx series covers Intel® Atom™ single core and dual core platforms and provide wireless capability including Wi-Fi and mobile 3G/ 3.5G connection. With wireless function, NISE 2100 series is an ideal solution for outdoor devices or in-vehicle computing, such as bike rental station, score boards, bus surveillance, self-service kiosk, recycling kiosk, and digital signage etc.

In addition, NISE 2xxx series provides a multitude of IO interfaces to meet the requirements of both industrial automation and self-service kiosk. For example, max. 6 serial ports (isolated COM port design in selected models), digital I/O module support, wide-range on DC input, wide-range of operating temperatures, two Intel GbE LAN ports, and additional expansion capability etc. In short, NISE 2xxx series is the best choice for industrial automation, factory automation, traffic system, self-service kiosk, surveillance and access control applications.

NISE Series Main Features for Traffic Solutions

  • High-performance platform integrated with great graphic performance
  • Image processing ready platform via GbE Camera or IEEE1394 Camera
  • Wireless ready platform via Wi-Fi module or GSM 3G/ 3.5G wireless module
  • Rich peripheral for field device/sensor connections
  • Wide-range on DC input
  • Wide-range on operating temperature
  • Fanless & ease-of-use, reducing the maintenance cost

Solution Diagram